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Online Round Table

From December 2020, the Qualitative Research get-together will not only take place in person, but also in virtual space. The Stammtisch is a low-threshold forum for discussions with “peers” about one's own qualitative research projects, be it student research projects, seminar papers, master's theses, doctoral theses or essays. We give each other advice, report on our own problem-solving strategies or unsolved problems, ask ourselves questions, report on progress or standstills, etc.

Who can participate?

The participants work in a wide variety of disciplines and at different levels of qualification. You are always welcome to bring yourself and your projects to the discussion. It will be discussed what will be introduced in the current meeting. The term Stammtisch underscores the low-threshold access and the opportunity to talk more openly about problems in research than is possible in most seminars and colloquia.

How can I participate?

The virtual get-together is held using the BigBlueButton software. You can find the access link in the Moodle course “Qualitative Research Stammtisch”. Members of the University of Graz can easily enroll in the course themselves. We ask external interested parties to write us an e-mail up to two days before the respective regular meeting, as they cannot enroll in the Moodle course themselves.

To participate in the virtual get-together you need: an internet-enabled device and access to an internet browser (Firefox or Chrome, please do not use Edge or Internet Explorer) a microphone (or a mobile phone headset) and a webcam (if possible) Events

The next meeting is on June 9, 2022 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will take at the university of Graz (Heinrichstrasse 22, second floor, left side).
Dates are coordinated via our mailing list.


Network Qualitative Research Graz University
Coordinators Verena Köck, Johanna Stadlbauer

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