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About the Network

The network qualitative research (founded in 2010 by sociologist Andrea Ploder and anthropologist Johanna Stadlbauer) is a local interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of qualitative research methods and their application. The target group is students, teachers and researchers from all disciplines and qualification levels at Graz universities and beyond. Our profile includes the following activities:

  • Discussion of research concepts and designs
  • Exchange about problems in research practice
  • Support in organising interpretation sessions, reading circles and field explorations
  • Exchange about ways of teaching qualitative methods in teaching
  • Announcement of workshops and conferences on qualitative methods via mailing list and homepage

The network operates a mailing list. Among other things, this used to coordinate the meetings organized by the network. List members also share inquiries or information related to qualitative methods (e.g. announcements from interpretation groups / reading groups, requests for literature tips / exchange of experience, information about jobs and events that are of interest to the qualitative method community).

Network coordinators: Verena Köck (GMZ), Johanna Stadlbauer (DocService), former coordinators: Andrea Ploder, Lisa Kienzl


Network Qualitative Research Graz University
Coordinators Verena Köck, Johanna Stadlbauer

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